Key Stages 2 - 4

At iSchool we work with highly qualified and experienced subject specialist teachers to ensure we can deliver great intuitive lessons for our students, our Curriculum is part of the Cambridge International Curriculum.

A well-established curriculum that’s recognised for offering a broad, balanced and progressive education. It’s not only taught in the vast majority of schools in England, but also used by thousands of international and British schools around the world. The curriculum

Key Stage 2

Pupils will develop language and vocabulary to support their reading and writing, gaining knowledge from stories, plays, poetry, non-fiction and textbooks. They will learn how to read root words, prefixes and suffixes to understand new words. They will read and comprehend new fiction, poetry, plays, non-fiction and reference books, as well as engaging with a wide range of books including myths, legends, traditional stories, modern fiction and books from other cultures and traditions. They will write using words with silent letters, good vocabulary, grammar and punctuation, and learn how to use dictionaries and thesauruses. Pupils will plan and draft their writing, then evaluate, edit and proofread it for spelling and punctuation errors.

Key Stage 3


English is a cornerstone of both our pupils’ continued education and of the modern society they live in. A high-quality education in English will teach pupils to speak and write fluently, giving them the tools to communicate their ideas and emotions to others – and, through their reading and listening, to let others communicate with them.

Pupils will cover reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary, and spoken English, with a programme that promotes high standards of language and literacy, by equipping pupils with a strong command of the spoken and written word, as well as developing their love of literature through widespread reading for enjoyment.

Key Stage 4

English Language

English Language

With the English Language programme, pupils will look to build their reading and writing skills with a range of activities. In writing, they will grow their advanced vocabulary and learn both transactional writing and imaginative writing, while working on their idea development and their use of rhetorical devices, sentence structures and punctuation. They will also read a variety of texts, building their confidence in approaching unfamiliar material, focusing on the writer’s perspective and exploring a range or poetry and fiction extracts.


English Literature
Literature studies covers a wide range of forms, including modern drama, literary heritage texts, poetry anthologies and modern prose. Pupils will consider the social, historical and cultural contexts of modern drama and heritage texts by considering plot development, characters and their relationships, key themes and the effect of form and structure. They will also develop their poetry-reading skills through exploring a wide variety of poems, while developing their own writing – particularly in relation to exams. As such, they’ll develop various techniques, including quotations and keywords, as well as structuring answers, referencing the question and using an analytical paragraph structure – with timed exercises to build exam confidence throughout it all. 


Primary - KS2

Plan 1

£105.00 per month
  • Core Subjects only
  • English/ Maths/ Science
  • 3 Lessons per week/ per Subject

Plan 4

£195.00 per month
  • Core Subjects plus 3 non-core subjects of choice
  • 3 Lessons per week/ per Subject
  • Non-core subject – 1 hour lesson per week per subject

Plan 2

£135.00 per month
  • Core Subjects plus 1 non-core subject of choice
  • 3 Lessons per week/ per Subject
  • Non-core subject – 1 hour lesson per week

Single Subject Pricing

£45.00 per month / per subject
  • 3 lessons per week/ 1 hour per lesson
  • Choose from any one of the Core Subjects - English / Maths / Science

Plan 3

£165.00 per month
  • Core Subjects plus 2 non-core subjects of choice
  • 3 Lessons per week/ per Subject
  • Non-core subject – 1 hour lesson per week per subject

Single Subject Pricing

£35.00 per month / per subject
  • Non - Core Subjects only
  • 1 lesson per week/ 1 hour per lesson
  • Choose from any one of the Non - Core Subjects
Please note - All fees are charged on an annual basis, based on approximately 39 teaching weeks per year (September to July). Holidays in-between are not charged.  You may choose to pay the fees annually, termly or monthly. The above prices are typical examples of what you would be paying monthly if you choose to pay according to this method. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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